Top 10 Advantages of Studying in Germany Over Studying in India

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Germany vs India
  • Neha Adikane
  • 27 Feb, 2024
  • 8 Mins Read

Top 10 Advantages of Studying in Germany Over Studying in India

Studying abroad is a global phenomenon where students travel across countries, continents, and oceans to receive the best education possible. It has many benefits, from finding a good job to improving our life, studying or earning money anywhere in the world not only expands our career and personal horizons but also gives us lifelong experiences and helps us develop useful skills such as communication, foreign languages, adaptation, and problem-solving.  

The most important benefit is the positive impact that you will experience in your future career. Apart from making memories and getting a world-class education, you will also grab the skills that employers demand. With these skills, anyone can get an opportunity to upgrade in whatever employment option they select.  

Germany vs IndiaLet’s have a look at the Top 10 Advantages of Studying in Germany Over Studying in India that make it a top choice for students seeking a university degree:  

1. Universities with Very Low or No Tuition Fee

In an age where higher education is necessary but also expensive, Germany is the best place to study, they don’t even charge tuition fees for international students. In October 2014, German high-level advisers decided that all international students studying in public schools would be exempt from paying German tuition fees. A survey shows that 35.8% of international students choose Germany for higher education because German universities offer free education. This makes it easier for most Indian students to “study abroad”! This means no more student loans, leaving your parents to pay off school debt. The only expenses you will have to pay during your stay in Germany are living expenses and term expenses.  

Therefore, the financial burden that comes to your mind when you think of studying abroad disappears completely when you come to study in Germany. It is famous for its world-class universities and the admissions process is highly competitive. Nonetheless, students do not know that German universities are still the cheapest in Europe. Tuition fees at public schools are often waived entirely. Despite your nationality, you can benefit from free universities in Germany. On the contrary, tuition fees in India vary between colleges and courses, and are expected to pay around €3,000 to €7,100 on average per academic year.  

2. Work Options While Studying  

Regrettably, the Indian government prohibits international students from engaging in employment while pursuing their studies within the country. Nevertheless, this restriction does not extend to internships and training programs, provided they are unpaid. 

In contrast, German law permits international students to undertake part-time work alongside their studies for a maximum of 20 hours per week, totaling 120 days annually. A noteworthy statistic reveals that over 60% of international students in Germany choose to engage in part-time employment during their academic pursuits. Beyond the financial benefits, part-time work can significantly contribute to enhancing one’s career prospects, providing valuable experience and skills for future opportunities.   

3. Admission Rates–   

Consider Germany if you are seeking a country with accredited universities. In comparison to Indian universities, where competition is intense, the likelihood of gaining admission to a prestigious institution is comparatively lower. Reports indicate that the admissions for Indian universities surpass even those of renowned universities in the United States.  

4. Career Opportunities  

Upon graduation, the employability prospects diverge significantly between Germany and India. Recent data reveals that the unemployment rate for graduates in Germany is just under 5%, a notable contrast to the over 19% unemployment rate for graduates in India. This discrepancy suggests a greater likelihood of securing full-time employment after completing studies at a German university.  

Graduates with global experience often find themselves with improved career opportunities. Employers highly value attributes such as a global mindset, adaptability, and intercultural skills developed through studying abroad. 

Graduating from a German university significantly expands your future employment possibilities. German universities and their graduates are highly regarded, resulting in a notable employability rate in the global job market. The reputation of a German institution adds substantial value to your academic credentials and professional credibility, increasing the likelihood of receiving attractive job offers upon completing your degree. Employers trust the quality of education provided by German universities, further enhancing your standing in the professional realm.  

5. Healthcare 

The quality of healthcare is a vital factor for students studying abroad to consider. Germany boasts a top-notch healthcare system accessible to all residents, funded through mandatory public and private health insurance. In contrast, India’s healthcare system grapples with challenges such as patient overload and inadequate infrastructure. Although these issues are somewhat mitigated in private healthcare facilities, the predominant concern remains the substantial cost. They often find themselves burdened with excessive expenses. 

Before we dive into another set of Top 10 Advantages of Studying in Germany Over Studying in India, let us empower you to seize global opportunities and unlock a bright future by beginning a revolutionary educational journey with Europass Immigration Pvt Ltd. 

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6. Communications 

The language barrier is a crucial aspect to take into account. In Germany, the official language is German, but English is also commonly used, facilitating communication for international students. Similarly, in India, Hindi is the official language, but English is widely spoken. Despite the prevalence of English, some regions in both countries may still present language challenges. Engaging with the local environment in a foreign country can substantially enhance language skills. For Indian students studying within the country, language barriers are minimized as they study in their native language, eliminating potential challenges encountered when studying abroad.  

7. Aggregation of International Students  

India has a considerable number of international students, but when compared to other nations, the figure remains relatively low. Approximately 50,000 international students are enrolled across 16 study programs in India. In contrast, Germany attracts over 350,000 international students. While this number might seem substantial, it falls below the average figures seen in the UK or US.  

8. Live and Work After Graduating  

The prospect of residing and working after graduation is a pivotal consideration when deciding between studying in Germany or India. In terms of employment opportunities for international students after graduation, Germany presents a more favorable scenario compared to India. The process for obtaining an employment visa in India can be cumbersome, with no guarantee of approval even after graduating from an Indian university. 

On the contrary, international students in Germany enjoy more promising career prospects and are granted 18 months post-graduation to seek employment, providing ample time to secure a full-time position. This extended duration enhances the opportunities for graduates to explore and establish their careers in Germany.  

9. Grades  

The grading systems in India and Germany differ significantly. In India, the grading is primarily percentage-based, with students expected to reproduce textual content exactly as presented in textbooks to secure maximum marks in tests and exams. Conversely, Germany utilizes a 6-point grading scale, where 1 represents the highest grade and 6 is the lowest. Notably, the scale includes both negative and positive values, such as -1 and +1 for each point. 

In the German grading system, any score below -3 is generally disapproved, and obtaining a grade lower than 4 results in a student being considered as failed.  

10. Cost of Living  

Considering the cost of living is essential when deciding on a country for your studies. India offers a notably lower cost of living compared to the global average. Germany, although having a higher cost of living, varies based on the city. It’s significant to note that this comparison may not be entirely fair, given Germany’s higher average wage compared to India. 

In India, one can anticipate spending approximately €300 to €500 per month, while in Germany, the range is €800 to €1000, and the expenses cover basic living necessities.  

From the viewpoint of an international student, living in Germany proves to be more affordable when compared to other global destinations. Daily expenses, including meals, entertainment, and public transportation, are reasonably priced. Additionally, shared accommodation options can help reduce boarding costs. The ability to engage in part-time employment while studying in Germany further facilitates managing expenses, providing a distinct advantage for Indian students pursuing education in the country. 

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These two countries vary significantly across various aspects, so the decision ultimately rests on your priorities. If you seek a culturally immersive experience, then India is the ideal destination. On the other hand, if employability post-graduation is your primary concern, then Germany emerges as the more suitable choice.  

If you possess determination, motivation, and a commitment to personal development, Germany warmly welcomes you, offering a platform for your aspirations to flourish. Consider all the factors mentioned above before making your decision and connect with Europass Immigration Pvt Ltd. for your dream career in Germany! 


1. Is pursuing higher education in Germany a favorable choice for international students? 

The consensus among international students is that studying in Germany is highly advantageous. The country offers a relatively affordable cost of living compared to other countries, a diverse range of programs taught in English, and notably, German language proficiency is not a prerequisite for enrolment.  

2. What is the student life experience like in Germany?  

 Student life in Germany is well-regarded for its cost-effectiveness, top-notch public and private university education, attractive post-graduation employment opportunities, and affordable or no tuition fees. As one of the premier study-abroad destinations, Germany annually hosts over 400,000 international students, making it a popular choice. 

 3. Which is the recommended institute for learning the German language?   

The Europass Immigration Pvt Ltd. stands out as the optimal choice for learning the German language. With highly qualified trainers and a comprehensive curriculum designed to cater to learners starting from scratch, Europass Immigration Pvt Ltd. ensures a proficient and enriching language learning experience. 

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