Top 7 Advantages of Studying in France and Visa Requirements: A Guide for Indian Students

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Study in France
  • Neha Adikane
  • 29 Feb, 2024
  • 10 Mins Read

Top 7 Advantages of Studying in France and Visa Requirements: A Guide for Indian Students

Emmanuel Macron, who was the special guest at the 2024 Republic Day parade, shared plans to encourage more Indian students to study in France. He mentioned that France aims to have more than 30,000 Indian students by 2030. Macron emphasized strengthening the educational bonds between the two countries and expressed his commitment to achieving this goal.   

France is a top choice for students worldwide, with over 320,000 students coming here every year, and offers a fantastic study experience with its renowned universities, vibrant lifestyle, and cultural richness. It is no wonder it is a top destination for students worldwide! Studying here means access to top-quality education and exciting job prospects.  

In 2018, France and India signed a special agreement, recognizing each other’s educational qualifications. This means Indian degrees are valued in France, and vice versa, making studying in France even more appealing for Indian students. 

Study Abroad in France

How to Apply:  

Every university in France has its website where you can apply and enroll in their bachelor’s or master’s degree programs. Once you decide the university you want to attend, you can check their website for the application process and submit your documents there.  

Below are some documents you might need for your university application:  

  • A copy of your diploma (high school or bachelor’s degree) 
  • Your academic transcript showing the courses you’ve taken 
  • A copy of your passport and/or birth certificate 
  • Your resume (CV) 
  • Test scores, if required 
  • Proof of scholarship or funding, if applicable 
  • Letters of recommendation (usually 2-3) 
  • Portfolio or samples of your writing, depending on the program. 

Let’s have a look at the Top 7 Advantages of Studying in France that make it a top choice for students seeking a university degree:  

1. World-Class Education System: France is famous for having a great education system that is ranked among the best worldwide. It has excellent universities like École Normale Supérieure, etc known for their excellent teaching and modern research. 

French universities offer a wide variety of programs in subjects like sciences, engineering, business, and arts, etc. They focus on teaching students how to think critically, solve problems, and develop practical skills, giving them a well-rounded education.  

Many French universities have strong ties to industries, offering students chances for internships, research projects, and networking. This can help students find good jobs after they graduate.  

If you’re looking for high-quality education in fields like business, aviation, tourism, or engineering, France is a great place to go. Their universities offer English courses at reasonable prices compared to the USA, UK, and Australia. French education focuses on tough coursework and using new teaching methods to give students a complete and useful education.

2. Multicultural Rich Experience: France is a place where people from all over the world come together, creating a mix of cultures. When students study there, they get to be a part of this diverse environment. They learn about different ways of thinking, traditions, and ideas from people with various backgrounds. This helps them understand different cultures better and become global citizens.  

Being in such a diverse setting not only makes studying more interesting but also lets you make friends from different countries. France is famous for its history, art, and culture. You get to learn the French language, try delicious food, and visit famous landmarks. Studying in France is more than just going to classes; it’s like going on a cultural adventure that enriches your life.  

3. Affordable Tuition Fees: Unlike many other countries, French universities charge lower fees for both local and international students. The government helps by covering a big part of the education costs.  

For international students, the fees might be a bit higher, but they are still cheaper compared to other countries like the USA, UK, etc. Various scholarships, grants, and financial aid options are available to help ease the financial burden even more.  

4. Language Mastery: Studying in France is a fantastic chance to learn French, one of the world’s most spoken languages. Being fluent in French can open lots of job opportunities because it’s an official language in big organizations like the United Nations and the European Union.  

Many French universities offer special language classes for international students. These help you improve your French while you study your main subjects. Speaking French not only makes your studies more exciting but also helps you blend into French culture better.  

While lots of programs, especially at the postgraduate level, are in English, knowing French is super helpful, especially for undergraduates. Some universities might let you skip English tests, but you’ll likely need to show you can speak French using tests like DELF or DALF. 

Even though English is widely used internationally, French is still super important, especially in business. Knowing more than one language can also boost your job opportunities and let you earn higher salaries.  

5. Innovation and Research Opportunities: France is a top spot for research and development, ranking 6th globally. The Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) in France is the best in the world. About 42% of international students choose to study medicine and engineering courses in France.  

France is a big centre for innovation and research, especially in science, technology, and the arts. Indian students who love research will find many chances to work on exciting projects with top experts. Focus on research not only makes studying more interesting but also helps students gain skills to solve future problems in their careers.  

French universities put a lot into their research facilities and staff. If you dream of working in labs, doing experiments, and making big discoveries, France is perfect. France boasts over 64 Nobel Laureates and 15 Fields Medals, showing how much importance it gives to research and progress.  

6. Great Quality of Life: Studying in France isn’t just about academics it also means enjoying a great quality of life. The country has top-notch healthcare, reliable public transportation, and lots of fun things to do. 

You can explore beautiful countryside views and taste delicious French cuisine. There’s so much to do in France that makes student life exciting and satisfying. Plus, France cares about its students’ well-being, making sure international students feel welcomed and supported during their studies.  

France is like a door to Europe. Its excellent transportation system lets students easily travel to other European countries during breaks. This lets them experience new cultures and learn from international adventures.  

7. Post-Study Work or Job- In France, post-study work visa rules are more relaxed for postgraduate students than undergraduates. Postgraduates can apply for a temporary residence permit lasting 1 to 2 years after completing their studies. If a permanent job is not found during this time, they cannot continue staying in France.   

Master’s and Ph.D. students get a 5-year post-study visitor visa to stay connected with France, even if they move elsewhere or back home. France offers many job opportunities, especially in fashion, management, business, and tourism. This generous policy allows international students, including those from India, to gain valuable work experience in a competitive global market.  

  • It may differ or change, do check the France Embassy’s Official Website before Applying.

All the Student Visa formalities or assistance is taken care of by Europass Immigration Pvt Ltd. which is a one-stop solution for all your student visa needs.  

Types of French Work Visas:  

  1. French Salaried Employees Visa: For those working in France for a year or less. You need an approved employment contract from DIRECCTE. 
  2. French Work Visa for Starting and Managing a Business: If you want to start or run a business in France, you’ll need this visa. You’ll have to show financial capability to start the business.  
  3. French Work Visa for Contract Workers and Professionals: Certain jobs like bailiffs or notaries aren’t open to non-EU citizens. Others like doctors or lawyers need permission from professional bodies. 
  4. French Employment Visa for International Organizations: For official business travel to France for international organizations. 

Documents Needed for France Work Visa: 

  • Valid passport with 3 months validity after the intended stay 
  • Copy of passport’s first and last pages 
  • Completed visa application form 
  • Copies of educational certificates 
  • Previous employer references 
  • Recent colored photographs 
  • Appointment letter from the company 
  • Employer’s recommendation letter 
  • Detailed job description in France

You might need extra documents depending on the Embassy/Consulate.  

Talent Passport Permit: Introduced in 2016, it’s for international citizens for specific work permits, including recent grads, skilled employees, researchers, EU Blue Card holders, employees of innovative companies, artists, investors, and well-known individuals in various fields.  

Eligibility For France Permanent Residence:  

To be eligible for permanent residence in France from India, you need to meet certain criteria:  

  1. Legal Residence in France: You must have lived in France for at least five years continuously with a valid residence permit. Short trips are okay, but long absences can affect your eligibility.  
  2. Stable Income: Show that you have a steady income from a job, business, or investments to support yourself and any dependents. This ensures you won’t rely on public funds.  
  3. Integration into French Society: Basic proficiency in the French language and an understanding of French culture and values are necessary. A clean criminal record is crucial, checked both in France and India. 
  4. Valid Passport: You need a valid Indian passport to prove your identity and nationality. 

Documents Needed for France Permanent Residence:  

  • Valid Passport 
  • Current Residence Permit 
  • Proof of Residence (like utility bills) 
  • Evidence of Continuous Residence (previous permits, rent receipts) 
  • Proof of Income (pay slips, bank statements) 
  • Proof of Language Proficiency 
  • Criminal Record Certificate 
  • Completed Application Forms 
  • Passport-sized Photographs 
  • Health Insurance Proof

These documents show your identity, residency, income stability, language skills, and clean criminal record, ensuring you meet the requirements for permanent residence in France.  

  • It may differ or change, do check the France Embassy’s Official Website before Applying.

France Student Visa Types:  

France offers three types of visas for students who want to study bachelor’s, master’s, or other courses:  

  1. Short-Stay Visa: This visa is for courses that last less than 90 days. 
  2. Temporary Long-Stay Visa (VLS-TS): It’s for courses or training periods of 3 to 6 months. 
  3. Long Stay Visa (Student Visa): For courses over six months. This visa is like a residence permit for bachelor’s degrees, master’s, PhD programs, and work in France. It can be extended if needed.

France Student Visa Requirements:  

When applying for a student visa in France, you need to meet these requirements:  

  • You must be above 18 years old. 
  • You need to show the receipt for paying the visa fee. 
  • You must have a letter of acceptance from a French university. 
  • You must show proof of financial support to cover your expenses while studying in France. 
  • You need to provide details of your air ticket. 
  • You should have medical insurance that costs up to €900 per year. 
  • You need to prove you have accommodation during your studies in France. 
  • If you’re studying French, you need a proficiency certificate for the language. 
  • You may need to provide proof of your civil status if required.
  • It may differ or change, do check the France Embassy’s Official Website before Applying.


France is becoming a prime choice for Indian students. France offers a fantastic education system, affordable fees, a vibrant culture, and plenty of job opportunities. Indian students can benefit from top-notch education, diverse cultural experiences, and many career options. France is well-known for its prestigious universities, innovative courses, and friendly environment for international students, and for gaining hassle-free student visa assistance connect with Europass Immigration Pvt Ltd. for your dream career in France!  

If you’re considering working or residing in France, connect with Europass Immigration Pvt Ltd., as they provide helpful assistance in job searching and seamless support for student visa applications. Their additional services can boost your chances of a successful settlement in France. 

Book a Consultation Today! 

About Europass Immigration:  

The company is headquartered in Germany and since 2022 has been in operation in Patna, Bihar India. Aiming to cater to various educational counseling needs of today’s generation, established to offer services to students and professionals. The centre endeavors to guide students right from their early school years to higher education. Europass Immigration intends to counsel and provide support at every step the student takes towards his future career.  

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1. Is education free in France for Indian students?   

Education in France isn’t completely free for Indian students, but it’s quite affordable, especially at public universities. Although there are some university fees, they’re much lower compared to many other countries.  

2. Is it simple to get PR in France for Indian students?   

Getting permanent residency (PR) in France involves meeting certain conditions and is typically a gradual process. After finishing your studies, if you find a job and work consistently in France for a certain period, you can apply for PR. It requires patience and following legal procedures.  

3. Which is the recommended institute to get proficiency in the English language (IELTS)?  

The Europass Immigration Pvt Ltd. stands out as the optimal choice for learning the English language. With highly qualified trainers and a comprehensive curriculum designed to cater to learners starting from scratch, Europass Immigration Pvt Ltd. ensures a proficient and enriching language learning experience. 

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